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The Bass Hole



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Buzzbaits are one of the most exciting ways to catch fish, and its no secret they catch big fish as well.  The Jackall Firecracker Buzzbait delivers premium Japanese performance and craftsmanship with high-quality features that are second-to-none.  One of the loudest buzzbaits to ever hit the market, the Firecracker boasts a unique two-prop design. As the Firecracker moves across the water’s surface, the main prop spins clockwise, while a small screw propeller spins counter-clockwise. This causes the props to hit each other and produce an eruption of high-pitched cracking sounds, while also emitting strong shock waves that stimulate the lateral lines of big bass and call them in from greater distances.

Built with stout 1.4mm diameter wire that holds up to the biggest bass, the hefty wire also allows anglers to use braided super lines without having to worry about damaging or bending the Firecracker Buzzbait.  Outfitted with a keeled, bass boat style head as well that gets on plain quickly and deflects off cover with ease, the Firecracker also comes equipped with a premium Owner Cutting Point Hook and a high quality hand-tied skirt.  Put all of grandpa’s old buzzers away and experience the difference yourself with the uniquely designed Jackall Firecracker Buzzbait. 

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