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The Bass Hole



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There’s nothing more exciting than watching big fish blow up on a topwater and if you want to call lunker bass to the surface and generate heart-stopping strikes you need to try the Spro Fat Papa Walker. Designed by Major League Fishing pro, Russ Lane, the Spro Fat Papa Walker, features a distended belly design, which pushes a generous amount of water and creates a wide walking action with slight twitches from the rod tip. Dual rattle chambers also produce an audible clacking noise that calls fish from a great distance and forces them to strike out of pure aggression. A shallow cupped mouth splashes water with each twitch and allows anglers to chug the bait on the surface, giving you the power of multiple lures in one.

To ensure more giant bass take a trip to the scales, the Spro Fat Papa Walker is armed with three sticky sharp Gamakatsu round bend treble hooks that provide unmatched hook penetration and strength to land trophy caliber bass. The rear treble hook also comes feather dressed to create a secondary action when paused to entice lethargic and lure-shy bass to strike. Available in a wide selection of bass catching colors, the Spro Fat Papa Walker will generate more topwater strikes and put bigger fish in your livewell.

Spro Length Weight Class
Fat Papa Walker 5.1" 7/8oz Topwater
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