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Tested and perfected over the last two years, the Spro Rat Wakebait is the most lifelike rat imitation to ever hit the market. Perfectly sized, the Spro Rat Wakebait features a single-jointed rodent profile and a durable square bill that offer an effortless "walk the dog" action and a gentle wake that humps along the surface.

Made from multiple composites, the Spro Rat Wakebait offers a custom “wood” feel and a sturdy construction that stands up to the most crushing topwater explosions. At the rear, the Spro Rat Wakebait comes equipped with a long TPE soft plastic tail that adds to its realistic rat appearance. Armed with super-sharp trebles, the Spro Rat Wakebait offers an easy-to-walk, lifelike presentation that is sure to increase your fish count and your heart rate.

*SPRO is undergoing a transition in hooks for this product. The Spro Rat Wakebait Size 30 may include either #5 Gamakatsu Black Nickel Treble Hooks or #5 Gamakatsu Nano Alpha Coated Treble Hooks.

Spro  Total Length Length w/ out Tail Weight Class
BBZ-1 Rat 25 5" 2.5" 5/16oz Waking
BBZ-1 Rat 30 6.25" 3.25" 1/2oz  Waking
BBZ-1 Rat 40 7.5" 4" 1-oz  Waking
BBZ-1 Rat 50 10" 5.25" 2.5-oz  Waking

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