iROD Kaimana Coastal Series Casting Rods

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A series of rods created specifically for the emerging Southern California Spotted Bay Bass fishery, the iROD Kaimana Coastal Series Casting Rods feature an angler-driven design focused on these hard-fighting gamefish. Crafted with the influence of SoCal anglers and the foresight of rod developer Toai Garcia, the collaboration spawned a lightweight and powerful multi-purpose series of rods perfect for targeting both fresh and saltwater predators.

Made with iROD’s best-selling custom 30-ton Kaimana graphite blank, the iROD Kaimana Coastal Series Casting Rods use structural cross strips of high modulus carbon cloth to reinforce the blank and improve responsiveness with a process called Wide X-Wrapping (WXW). Fitted with slightly up-sized Fuji K slanted guides to help eliminate tip wrap, those who use braid will appreciate how connection knots seamlessly flow through the guides. Built with a slightly longer handle, the iROD Coastal Series Casting Rods provide versatility and increased leverage for strong hooksets and fighting bigger fish.



Mode Length Power Line Wt Lure Wt Action
SWC733C 7'3" MH 8-17 1/4 - 3/4oz Fast
SWC744C 7'4" H 12-20 3/4-11.5oz Fast
SWC764C 7'6" H 12-20 3/8 - 1-1/4oz Mod
SWC793C 7'9" Poe's Reaction Rod 12-20 3/8-1.5oz Mod
SWC794C 7'9" H Poe's Mag Stick 15-25 1 - 2oz Fast
SWC733S 7'3" MH Spinning 8-17 1/4 - 1oz Fast/Mod
SWC764S 7'6" H Spinning 12-120 3/8-1-1/4oz Mod