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The Bass Hole



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Put the hammer down on the fish and the competition with the Mattlures Hammer Tail Trout. Measuring ten inches in length, the Mattlures Hammer Tail Trout offers a large protein packed meal that will have trophy caliber fish jumping in the boat to get a taste. Named for the hard thump that is produced by its custom tail design, the Mattlures Hammer Tail Trout features a patented tail design that generates a heavy, attention-grabbing thud and natural swimming motion as it moves through the water. The Mattlures Hammer Tail Trout also maintains its aggressive and perfectly balanced swimming action whether you’re slow rolling it along the bottom or burning it through open water. 

Armed with a razor-sharp single top hook, the Mattlures Hammer Tail Trout is able to easily crawl over structure without getting snagged and provide rock-solid hook sets to ensure you put more fish in the boat. Its super durable soft plastic construction can also withstand the abuse of ferocious, rod-bending strikes without sacrificing any fish catching action as well. A must-have for die-hard swimbait anglers, the Mattlures Hammer Tail Trout is one that will help you land the trophy of a lifetime. 

Matt Lures Length Weight Class
Hammer Trout 10" 8oz Slow Sink
Hammer Trout 10" 8.5oz Medium Sink
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