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One of the most realistic swimbaits to ever be created, the Mattlures Hammer Tail Shad presents an appetizing meal that will fool even the wariest of bass. Named after its patented hard thumping tail design, the Mattlures Hammer Tail Shad produces a thud and vibration that you can physically feel pulsating up the line to your rod. It will also remain perfectly balanced and true whether you’re slowing swimming it across the bottom or burning it across the surface. In addition, the anatomically correct body shape and highly realistic details of the Mattlures Hammer Tail Shad provides the ultimate in realism and a lifelike swimming action that fish simply can pass up. 

Made from a super durable soft plastic, the Mattlures Hammer Tail Shad is able to withstand the abuse of hard hitting strikes from aggressive predators and intense fish battles without ever sacrificing its seductive swimming action. Armed with a heavy-duty single top hook as well, the Mattlures Hammer Tail Shad delivers lighting fast hook penetration and the power need to get big fish to the boat. Offered in a selection of highly detailed colors, the Mattlures Hammer Tail Shad is absolutely deadly on any body of water where big bass and large shad cohabitate. 

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Hammer Tail Shad 6.5" 2.25oz

Slow Sink

Hammer Tail Shad 7.5" 4.15oz

Slow Sink