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We are The Bass Hole! We are a mom & pop tackle & bait shop located in Bethel Island, CA on the iconic California Delta. Our mission is to make sure we have everything you're looking for to catch the GIANTS. We strive to offer you all the best baits, the best quality, and we take pride in featuring our gem local bait makers. Come check us out if you can at: 6277 Bethel Island Rd, Bethel Island CA 94511. Rob can talk all day about what you'll need to catch 'em on for the CA Delta or any of the lakes! If you can't make it in, give him a ring at 925-813-9485. We're open Wednesday- Friday 8am-5pm, Saturday from 7am-5pm and Sunday from 7am-12pm. For local Delta tournament days, we'll be open at 5am.

Find us on Facebook and Instagram @thebassholetackleshop. We are constantly posting our newest arrivals, events, and announcements.

You can also contact us by email @