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The smaller, more compact version of its bigger brother, the Deps Tiny Bullshooter 100 Glide Bait includes all of the same great features, but proves to be a tempting meal for bass preying on smaller bluegill. the Deps Tiny Bullshooter 100 Glide Bait has immense fish drawing action for its size, even on a straight retrieve. With the correct action, the Deps Tiny Bullshooter 100 Glide Bait achieves a weaving, roaming movement, and is capable of sharp 180 degree pivots in order to fool interested, but uncommitted followers. Included with premium hooks, heavy-duty split rings, and offered in a range of premium JDM colors, the Dips Tiny Bullshooter 100 Glide Bait delivers all of the attraction of the original Bull Shooter in a downsized package that appeals to bass of all sizes.

Deps Length Weight Class
Tiny Bullshooter 4" 1oz Slow-Sinking