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The Bass Hole



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Co-designed with renowned angler, Ben Milliken, the 6th Sense Draw Glidebait is built from tail-to-nose to do one thing – catch giants. The culmination of 3 years’ worth of research and design, as well as over a dozen prototypes, the Draw Glidebait is finally ready to prowl your favorite fisheries in search of the fish of a lifetime.

Without any customizations, the 6th Sense Draw Glidebait is meticulously configured to be extremely slow sinking in most water temperatures, but with a consistent medium retrieve the bait can be worked down to the 1-to-4-foot depth range. The Draw is equipped to deliver a wide gliding motion that draws fish in, but anglers can activate a more responsive, fast-twitching action with a simple adjustment of their reel cadence.

To maximize its big bass appeal, the 6th Sense Draw Glidebait comes enveloped in a wide variety of premium paint schemes that are sure to draw countless bass in with the glider’s alluring good looks. In addition to its exquisite finish, the body is also the canvas for realistic 3D detailing such as etched scaling, gill rakers, mandibles, eyes, and a soft tail. Industry-leading treble hooks dangle from the integrated Swivel hook hangers on the body of the bait, allowing your hooks to move with the bass and eliminate a trophy fish from gaining the leverage needed to throw your bait. Seamlessly blending explosive action with an ultra-realistic appearance and premium hardware, the 6th Sense Draw Glidebait is destined to slay giants as it becomes a staple in your big bait arsenal.

6th Sense Length Weight Class
Draw Glidebait 9" 3.75oz Slow Sinking
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