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The Bass Hole



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Designed to draw big bites by Bass Master Classic and MLF Bass Pro Tour Champion, Edwin Evers, the Berkley Powerbait Agent E Swimbait relies on killer action and a proven scent formula to tempt tournament-winning bass. The Agent E is built tough with flavor-packed PowerBait material that is designed to stand up to the countless strikes it is sure to generate. In addition to the PowerBait flavor, it utilizes a subtle, yet hard-kicking action that demands attention from predators in the area even with the slowest of retrieves.

The Berkley Powerbait Agent E Swimbait boosts performance to the next level with a custom-designed fluorocarbon hook-guard that expertly sheds grass and debris for all-terrain performance, yet easily collapses so you never miss a bite. This bottom-dwelling, flat-bottom swimbait boasts an ultra-low center of gravity and internal weight system that makes it an ideal option for slowly combing the bottoms of your lakes and rivers. A built-in ‘hard-nose’ rattle generates an acoustic layer of attraction every time it collides with structure to further enhance its effectiveness around cover. Swim it, hop it, or crawl it along the bottom, there’s no wrong way to fish the incredibly effective and highly versatile Berkley Powerbait Agent E Swimbait.

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