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The Bass Hole



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An exceptional pro-design by Bassmaster Classic Champion, Mike Iaconelli, the Berkley Powerbait Gilly Swimbait relies on Japanese influence in both design and technique to coax bass into biting, even in ultra-clear fisheries. Crafted to deliver an unbelievably natural presentation, the Gilly features a hyper-realistic profile that complements its unbeatable action. Rather than a more traditional segmented body style, the Gilly utilizes scale-shaped ribs in the tail section to provide undeniably realistic baitfish movements.

In addition to the great action and profile, anglers are destined to admire the Berkley Powerbait Gilly’s impressive versatility. While the bait really shines when rigged weightless with the hook sideways through the body, it can also be fished on a jighead, weighted swimbait hook, Texas Rig, and even on a Drop Shot Rig. Berkley really ups the ante by constructing the swimbait with Berkley’s iconic Powerbait formula that bass simply can’t resist. Offered in a range of hatch-matching colors, including convincingly lifelike HD colors, the Berkley Powerbait Gilly Swimbait is sure to help deliver plenty of tournament checks, and even more bass thumb.

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