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The Bass Hole



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Designed for targeting big bass, the Bigbait Awaken Wakebait offers a large profile that is deadly in lakes with bass and bluegill. Built with a super wide belly that makes it extremely buoyant, the Bigbait Awaken Wakebait is a high floating bait that is fitted with a squarebill, which creates a side-to-side wobbling action on the surface. It also pushes a tremendous amount of water and creates a large wake that attracts big fish from a great distance. Internally, it features an aggressive weight transfer system that generates extra casting distance and a super loud rattle that aggravates fish into striking.

On the outside, the Bigbait Awaken Wakebait features highly detailed gills, fins, scales, eyes, and a custom paint job that bring it to life in the water and will fool even the wariest of big bass. Armed with two oversized treble hooks that can handle the strikes and pulling power or trophy bass, the Bigbait Awaken Wakebait is a must-have for anglers trying to capture larger than average fish.

Bigbait Length Weight Depth
Large Awaken Wakebait 4" 2oz 0-1ft
Mini Awaken Wakebait 3-1/4" 1.3oz 0-3ft
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