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The Bass Hole



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An ideal tool for tempting crawfish-hungry bass into biting, the Deps Barbute Craw Chunk Trailer is a versatile soft plastic capable of drawing big strikes. It features a durable yet supple body that boasts reversed ribbing to grab and displace a tremendous amount of water as it's dragged and hopped along the bottom or pulled through the water column on the back of your favorite vibrating jig. Extending from the body is a pair of appendages that produce a twirling turbine action as well as a center arm which delivers a tight shimmy motion to help draw predatory fish in.

In addition to the enticing appendages, the Deps Barbute Craw Chunk Trailer also integrates a hook channel that runs the length of the body to make threading a hook easy, quick, and precise, while also providing a pocket for adding a glass rattle in the end of the center tail to help bass locate your plastic in low visibility waters. To further seduce selective fish, Deps incorporated a crawfish scent and a dose of salt that encourages bass to bite and hold on longer. An excellent addition to your favorite jig, swim jig, vibrating jig, or on its own in a multitude of rigging presentations, the Deps Barbute Craw Chunk Trailer offers a ton of action and an irresistibly slow rate of fall.

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