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The Bass Hole



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Nicknamed the “remote controlled” pencil popper, the Deps Brachiostick Walking Bait has an extreme rear center of gravity and long body that allows for long casts so you can reach boiling fish from a distance. When at rest, the Brachiostick sits head up in the water with a diagonal floating position so it starts walking with the first twitch of your rod tip. Designed with an internal spring weight system and variable balancer, the Brachiostick features a unique sound and walks easily with a sharp side-to-side movement.

The downward-facing oval-shaped cup at the mouth makes baitfish sounds, shoots bubbles on the surface, and encourages better action when twitching or walking the dog. When the bait is moving, the spring weight system also emits micro-vibrations that create added appeal for big bass. Armed with three premium sticky sharp treble hooks, the Deps Brachiostick Topwater Walking Bait has a 3-hook system constructed with slanted hook hangars to limit their range of motion and prevent the hooks from tangling.

Deps Length Weight Class
Brachiostick 5-3/4" 1-1/8oz Topwater
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