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The Bass Hole



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A soft plastic creature designed to have the same profile as a bluegill, the Deps Bull Flat Creature Bait features a unique spiraling action on fall that perfectly imitates a dying panfish. Poured with Deps proprietary plastic, the material contains a crustacean scent and is formulated to be ultra-soft while still maintaining high tensile strength. Made with no salt, the Bull Flat is highly buoyant and ideal for free rigs, weightless Texas rigs, and Carolina rigs so the bait can move freely without sinking.

When weighted, the plastic gives the bait a slower fall and the spiraling action becomes tighter. The bellows-shaped tail gives the Bull Flat a natural swimming action, while the arms resemble the fins of a bluegill and generate micro-vibrations even when it's barely moving through the water. A highly versatile and multi-purpose soft plastic, Deps Bull Flat Creature Bait also shines on a drop shot or when used as a bladed jig trailer.

Length/Weight Quantity

Offset Hook Recommendation

3"   1/4OZ 6  1 to 2/0
3.8"  1/2OZ 6 4/0
4.8"  1OZ 4 5/0
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