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The Bass Hole



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Meticulously designed and tested in Japan, the Deps Circuit Vibe Blade Bait is a highly realistic baitfish imitator that uses top quality componentry so anglers can catch fish in a wide range of conditions. At the heart of the Deps Circuit Vibe Blade Bait, it’s built around a circuit board material, instead of traditional sheet metal, which gives it greater vibration, better response, and a unique ultra-high pitch sound. With a lead body molded around the circuit board material, it also provides a stable posture as it falls for a more natural presentation while reducing hook fouling.

Across the back, the Deps Circuit Vibe Blade Bait features two rigging slots, which allows anglers to change the amount of vibration from a tight vibration to a wide wobble with the included snap without ever having to re-tie. Armed with two Ryugi double hooks to get those short striking fish, the Deps Circuit Vibe Blade Bait is perfect for vertical jigging deep structure, burning across grass flats, and catching schooling fish that are feeding on small baitfish.

Deps Length Weight
Circuit Vibe Blade Bait 1.85" 3/8oz
Circuit Vibe Blade Bait 2" 1/2oz
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