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The Bass Hole



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An innovative concept for use with finesse rigs and highly pressured fisheries, the Deps Clap Craw features a slender body, arched claw arms, and ultra-fine legs to produce a slender shrimp silhouette that will become your ally in tough conditions. The unique design invites spooky fish in with claw arms that open and close enticingly to produce a fluttering action on the fall, and the ultra-fine high response legs tremble tightly to create underwater micro-vibrations and provide natural appeal.

Poured from a high-density soft plastic material to maximize the characteristics of the claw arms, the slim body of the Clap Craw slips in and out of cover with ease making it a great option for attacking overgrown weeds and heavy cover. Regarded as leading the evolution of ‘claw-worms’ in Japan, the Deps Clap Craw provides versatility for a wide range of rigging methods including wacky rigs, weightless, Texas and Carolina rigs, or as a jig trailer.

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