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The Bass Hole



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A versatile tool for targeting your lake’s bass, the Deps Deathadder Straight Tail Worm delivers an enticing action with a multitude of rigging options. It features an unparalleled lifelike body that moves through the water with a baitfish-imitating tight vibration created by its narrow tail. In addition to its exceptional swimming and shimmying action, it pushes and disturbs water as the bait is worked through the water column thanks to the incorporated ribbing throughout the bait.

To further enhance the Deps Deathadder Straight Tail Worm performance in the water, it boasts a deep groove in the body for an ultra-weedless design as well as an extremely soft material with high salt content for improved castability and natural falling action. A perfect option for a drop shot, finesse Texas rig, Ned rig, or on the back of your favorite vibrating jig, the Deps Deathadder Straight Tail Worm is sure to bring limits to livewells across the country.

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