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The Bass Hole



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Inducing heart-stopping reaction bites from an asymmetrical prop, the Deps Matsubuzz Buzzbait overwhelms fish with strong vibrations, eccentric movement, and squeaky acoustics. The unique prop features high-contact surface points between the large wire, custom rivet, and blade to achieve a louder and more robust squeaking sound as the prop rotates. Built for improved castability, the Matsubuzz has a rear center of gravity head design to promote further casting distance.

By attaching the weight sticker to the blade, the Matsubuzz can be tuned to generate a more powerful movement. Alternatively, anglers can weaken the action and speed up its rise to the surface by simply removing the weight sticker and using the lure as is. Armed with a razor-sharp custom 4/0 Japanese hook, this premium buzzbait also converts more bites by running straight and balanced right out of the package. Built with a thick 1.6mm diameter wire arm, the Deps Matsubuzz Buzzbait provides plenty of power for heavy hooksets and fighting big bass.

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