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The Bass Hole



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Inspired by one of the most renowned tournament anglers in Japan, Takeshi Kuroda, the Deps MS Craw features a fully ringed body, flapping claws, and micro appendages that displace tons of water and produce powerful vibrations. The high-response claws are equipped with large flapping blocks at the tip to deliver energetic kicking action, and the unique arm spines on the outside of the body attract bass and induce bites with complex stirring waves.

Supporting various rigging methods and retrieve styles, the Deps MS Craw provides a reliable feeling of operation with a design that works great as a finesse jig trailer and is perfect for Texas, Carolina, and Free rigging presentations. A compact finesse craw with a strong underwater presence that far exceeds its size, the Deps MS Craw offers bite-sized appeal that will improve your success during tough conditions and heavy fishing pressure.

Length Quantity Offset Hook Size
2.6" 8 #1 or #2
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