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The Bass Hole



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The smallest offering in the legendary Slide Swimmer series, the Deps Slider Swimmer 115 Glide Bait provides the same jaw-dropping action as its predecessors but now in a bite-size package that appeals to all size gamefish. Built with a single joint, the Deps Slide Swimmer 115 Glide Bait swims with a wide, side-to-side S motion that draws fish out of cover and stimulates an aggressive feeding response. The Deps Slide Swimmer 115 Glide Bait also features an ABS injected core with an internal spring weight in the head that emits a faint knocking acoustic with faster retrieves and provides a subtle vibration on the pause.

Externally, the Deps Slide Swimmer 115 Glide Bait is covered in a soft plastic skin with extremely realistic detailing, including accurate coloring, 3D eyes, as well as, lifelike scale patterns and gills. Armed with two sticky sharp treble hooks, the Deps Slide Swimmer 115 Glide Bait is the perfect size glide bait for imitating small prey that any angler can fish without the need for specialized equipment.

Deps Length Weight Depth
Slide Swimmer 115 4.5" 3/4oz Slow Sinking
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