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The Bass Hole



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Retooled by the designer of the slide swimmer, Kazumasa Okumura, and renowned trophy hunter, Butch Brown, the Deps Slide Swimmer 175 delivers all of the big bass attraction as the original – now with slight modifications aimed at enhanced performance. Of these changes, the most notable is the clear ABS injected core, which works to improve durability and overall function.

Internally, the Deps Slide Swimmer 175 features a spring weight at the front of the body that emits a faint knocking acoustic with faster retrieves and provides a subtle vibration on the pause. Along the outside, the Deps Slide Swimmer 175 is covered with a super-soft, removable silicon skin that allows access to the weighting system, so anglers can adjust the rate-of-fall depending on conditions.

Implementation of durable figure eight rings at the line-tie and the joint give the Deps Slide Swimmer 175 a reinforced construction that stands up to abuse dolled out by large, record-setting bass. Offered in a range proven colors, the Deps Slide Swimmer 175 is the next chapter in the legend of the Slide Swimmer.

Deps  Length Weight
Slide Swimmer 175  7-1/2"  3oz



Expanding the Slide Swimmer lineup to include a high-buoyancy model option, the Deps Slide Swimmer 175 Floating Glide Bait has been modified to suspend just under the water so anglers can target shallow bass with surface waking action. Built around a clear ABS hollow body core to improve durability and overall function, the Slide Swimmer responds swiftly to rod operation by providing erratic high-response movement with a twitch or jerking style retrieve.

Designed to be less intrusive than the original Slide Swimmer 175, the spring weight micro-vibe system is removed from the floating model to make it completely silent and less intimidating in shallow waters. The soft-shell exterior creates stable swimming action that does not upset balance with fast retrieves, and if you remove the silicone skin and add a weight, anglers can adjust the rate of fall for silent slow-sinking action.

Furnished with high-strength figure eight rings at the line-tie and joint, the hook setting is selected with strong awareness for targeting large predators and boasts outstanding penetration with an extremely smooth surface treatment. Deceiving monster bass with a quiet appeal, the Deps Slide Swimmer 175 Floating Glide Bait provides a deadly trout profile that delivers a unique sense of life as water passes through a duct at the nose.

Deps  Length Weight Class
Slide Swimmer 175 7-1/2"  2.6oz Floating

- Do not store with other hard or soft lures
- Allow the Glidebait to dry out before storing
- Always store in the original packaging to avoid damage
- Be especially careful as temperatures rise during the summer - deformation or cracks can occur due to the expansion of the air chamber when exposed to direct sunlight.

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