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When waking them up is your plan of attack, look no further that the Fish Lab Bio Gill Wake Bait. This wake bait is highly buoyant and produces a large displacement of water on a slow or medium retrieve. The Fish Lab Bio Gill also excels when you impart a change in cadence. With downward twitches of the rod tip, you can get the bait to slowly walk. This walking action in turn creates a clacking sound that more often than not will trigger a trailing bass into biting. On a faster retrieve, the Fish Lab Bio Gill Wake Bait will submerge itself just below the surface where you can tick the tops of submerged grass and elicit aggressive strikes. Rigged and ready to fish right-out-of-the-package with heavy duty split rings and VMC trebles, the Fish Lab Bio Gill Wake bait is a must-have in your wake bait collection.

Fish Lab Length Weight Class
Bio Gill Wake Bait 4" 7/8oz Floating
Bio Gill Wake Bait 5" 1-5/8oz Floating