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The Bass Hole



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Gan Craft KAITEN 178 NS NEW

Length: 178mm (7in)
Weight: 2 1/2oz
Type: Normal Sinking

Gan Craft KAITEN is i-motion cruise big bait that has the voluminous and realistic body appealing to bass visually, and the wave motion of the rear screw producing the wave motion of a fish swimming with its tail fins waving.  Unlike screw baits, in which the waves generated by the front and rear screws wrap around the body, this is a new type of rotating wave lure that attracts bass with its waves and its visual appeal.  The fast fall of the high weight body also makes it possible to trace deep areas at depths of around 10m (33ft), which was previously difficult with big baits, making it ideal for mid-winter deep fishing with big baits.  It allows anglers to efficiently check all ranges, from the shallow range just below the water's surface to the deep range and bottom areas.  

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