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The Bass Hole



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Condition: New
Length: 70mm
Weight: 15g
Type: Floating

The best splash, the amazing easy dog walk action !
The new century of compact pencil poppers has begun !

The Metal Mouth is a compact size pencil popper with a total body length of 77mm. Using the hook in the center of the body as a fulcrum, it is possible to continue a sharp continuous dogwalk for a long time with easy rod work.

The metal parts that characterize the Metal Mouse are the same type as those of the Jagi Mouse, which dominated the world as a large pencil with a total length of 128 mm. By replacing the same parts used in the large pencil with the small body, a violent dog walk and an excessive splash shower are realized.


A sharp dogwalk to the left and right is the characteristic of the metal mouse. It stimulates the predator instinct with its sharp dog walk action and splash.

Applicable tackle
ML to M class rod and a 1:7.3 to 8 high gear reel is easy to handle. The most important thing is the line. 10 to 13 pounds fluorocarbon may work, but 10 to 14 pounds nylon or PE No. 1 to 1.5 will bring out the best performance of metal mouth. Ordinary PE line with specific gravity of about 1.1 (about the same as nylon) is most suitable for metal mouth.

How to set the attached tail

2pcs. bellows-style elastomeric tails are included with the metal mouse.

Remove the rear hook and thread the tail through the rear hole.

Cut off the excess and you are done.

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