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The Bass Hole



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Perfect for the angler looking to downsize their bait’s profile without downsizing its action, the Jackall Blast Bone Jr. Swimbait packs all the proven features from the original Blast Bone into a more palate-friendly size. Meticulously crafted with a hard, single-jointed body and a soft plastic tail, the Blast Bone Jr. offers a realistic profile backed up with bite-drawing motion. A wide polycarbonate lip is affixed under the nose and enables the swimbait to be worked slowly near the surface to unleash a powerful walk-the-dog action that lures fish out of cover or shaded areas.

The Jackall Blast Bone Jr. Swimbait is equipped with reliably robust components and strong connection hardware that combine to promise infallible performance. The strong, single-joint construction delivers an enhanced range of motion, allowing it to slither both left and right as well as up and down. The soft tail adds an appealing swimming action while simultaneously acting as a rudder to slow and stabilize the bait’s subsurface slithering. Detailed paint jobs, 3D detailing, and ultra-lifelike eyes all work in tandem to convince any wary predator of its authenticity. Completed with sticky-sharp treble hooks to make sure more bites convert into fish in the livewell, the Jackall Blast Bone Jr. Swimbait is built from nose to tail to do one thing – catch giants!

Jackall Length Weight Class
Blast Bone Jr. 6" 1 oz Slow Floating

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