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The Lobina Ricos are the premier popping bait on the market today. How can such a high priced bait sell so well? The answer is simple - they catch more and bigger fish. Lobina Ricos are the 'go to' topwater bait for more pros on the circuit than any other popping or spitting bait because when there is money on the line, only the best will do.

These hard to find lures feature beautiful, intricately painted finishes, sharp hooks and long flowing tails that move and undulate long after the bait has stopped. But the secret is in the design. The cup up front is made to spit just the right amount of water in front of the lure and is tuned to give just the right popping and splashing sound to imitate a baitfish in trouble on top of the water. The Lobina Ricos are just better by design. Prismatic 3D eyes round out the package for a popping bait that cannot be beat.

The larger Lobina Rio Rico is heavy enough to throw on a casting setup and is really a big fish producer. Longer, fatter, and noisier, it can also walk-the-dog easily, popping and spitting the whole way in and can be used when there is more chop on the water. The Rico is great for quieter presentations and although it makes a big commotion, it does not displace the amount of water its big brother does and is great for quiet mornings and shallow areas. This is one of those baits that when you buy one and see how effective it can be, you will come back and get more. Tackle Warehouse offers you more of the lures that the pros make money on so your fishing can reach a new level whether you fish tournaments or not.

Please note: The feathered treble hook colors may vary depending on the current inventory.

Lobina Length Weight Class Hook Size
Rico 2 3/8" 1/4oz Topwater Gama #6
Rio Rico 2 7/8" 7/16oz Topwater Gama #4
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