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The Bass Hole



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The Mattlures Hardgill is The best and most proven Hard bluegill bait ever made. It is the gold standard that all other hard bluegill baits are compared to, and none have measured up in terms of numbers and quality of fish caught on them. It has also been responsible for many tournament checks. The Hardgill has been producing quality fish all throughout the The US and a few other countries. It works anywhere there are bass. It flat out gets bit! If there was a single bait that all beginning swimbaits should start with, this is it

The Hardgill comes a multitude of colors to make it easy match the prey species of panfish in your area. There are also a few non natural colors that are know fish catchers. The Hardgill also comes in a few different styles, such as the original 3 piece, the 2 piece, and a billed diving 3 piece model. There are also several different sink rates. The Hardgill is made with stainless steel hardware and a super strong, durable resin. They come with a silicone tail that is also extremely durable and should never need to be replaced. Some paint schemes have up to 20 steps and a special clear coat that is hook rash resistant.

Size: 5.75 inches longWeight: 1.5 - 2 oz

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