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The Bass Hole



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This bait is the big brother to the best hard bluegill bait on the market, the Hardgill. Like the Hardgill, The Magnum Hardgill is extremely versatile. It will go from a beautiful smooth action at slow speeds to an aggressive hard thumping action when sped up just like its little bother the Hardgill. If you like the Hardgill and always wanted a bigger version you are going to love this bait. Like all my current hard baits, the Magnum Strong gill is made from my extremely durable "super resin". The realistic tail is made from a very strong but soft rubber that should never need to be replaced. The paint jobs on these baits are some of the most long lasting in the industry. Some of the patterns have over 20 individual layers not including the incredibly tough and beautifully glossy clear coat.

These baits are extremely strong they are built to last! All the hardware on the Magnum Hardgill is stainless steel and they come stock with Owner hooks and extra heavy split rings. The front hook hanger is rotating and the rear hook hanger is fixed.

7 3/8th in and weigh around 4oz depending on sink rate.
SINK RATES: Floating, Heavy Floating, Extra Slow Sink, Slow Sink, Medium Sink

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