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Delivering the high level of detail and craftsmanship that Mattlures baits are known for, the Mattlures Meat Head Series Swimbait is built for attacking the top of the water column and provoking bites from trophy-caliber bass. Molded with a highly realistic body shape and lifelike anatomical details, the Mattlures Meat Head Series Swimbait floats on the surface and is fitted with a large bill, which generates an aggressively smooth and natural waking action with a thumping feedback that bass love. The Mattlures Meat Head Series Swimbait is ideal for any time of the year that bass are targeting prey near the surface and it works especially well around ambush points like docks, overhanging trees, boulders, and submerged weedbeds.

Built to handle the largest and most aggressive bass, the Mattlures Meat Head Series Swimbait is made from an extremely durable resin that can withstand bone-crushing strikes. It is also outfitted with premium Owner treble hooks and 4x split rings to give anglers the power and hook setting performance needed to get big fish to the boat. Covered in a true-to-life paint job with up to 20 plus steps in each pattern to fool even the wariest of fish, the Mattlures Meat Head Series Swimbait offers quality and performance that is a cut above the rest. 

Mattlures Length Weight Class
Meat Head 8" 4.5oz Topwater