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The MEGABASS KARASHI is the embodiment of next-generation Japanese finesse. The ultra-natural feel of this bite-sized lure makes even the most suspicious fish attack on impulse.

For predators who see your other decoys but are reluctant to bite, the KARASHI is your secret attack trigger weapon. In Japan Anglers Say : "one shot, one kill".

The KARASHI has the following swimming characteristics:

1. With contractions, the KARASHI exhibits a very agile WALKING-THE-DOG action under the film of water.

2. With slow retrives, KARASHI performs an I-Shaped-Action. The defenseless swinging action evokes a wounded bait, triggering attacks from opportunistic predators.

3. Extremely natural tiny vibrations trigger attacks in educated fish.

The MEGABASS KARASHI generates impressive performances thanks to the combination of its so-called DARTING action and its I-Shaped-Action.

Characteristics :

- Length | 2.3 inch

- Weight | 3/16 oz

- Type: Slow Sinking