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The Bass Hole



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A credit to the work of Yuki Ito engineering, the Megabass Oneten Max LBO Jerkbait is a large caliber jerkbait featuring the latest innovative technologies that truly make it worthy of the position atop the vaunted Oneten Jerkbait series. Thanks to the highly refined hydrodynamic body shape and its patent-pending LBO II moving balancer system, the Megabass Oneten Max LBO Jerkbait eliminates the sluggishness seen in large jerkbaits of the past and provides overwhelmingly fast start up performance with an incredibly dynamic jerking action that the Oneten series is known for. 

At the heart of the Megabass Oneten Max LBO Jerkbait, its LBO II weight is held to the front position by a magnet and when unleashed during casting the inertial impact generates a powerful propulsion vector, dramatically increasing casting performance, even against headwinds. The LBO II weight is also designed with micro ball bearings around the outside for virtually frictionless weight transfers. Covered in a highly detailed finish and armed with three insanely sharp Japanese treble hooks, the Megabass Oneten Max LBO Jerkbait sets the new standard for oversized jerkbaits.

Megabass Length Weight Depth
Oneten Max LBO 5.3" 3/4oz 5-6ft

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