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The Bass Hole



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Please Note: Colors may vary slightly, since all baits are hand-poured.

Developed by swimbait expert and Bass Pro Tour angler, Fred Roumbanis, the Optimum Boom Boom Line-Thru Swimbait delivers an increased hook-up and land ratio to give anglers the upper hand when battling big tournament-winning fish. Thoroughly researched and developed to replicate the tight vibration of a shad, the Optimum Boom Boom Line-Thru Swimbait combines design elements from several Optimum swimbaits to create a quivering head movement, tight body roll, and thumping tail kick, which contributes to its one-of-a-kind “panicked action.”

Packaged with a premium Mustad treble hook, the Optimum Boom Boom Line-Thru Swimbait’s line-thru design allows the bait to slide up the line once a fish is hooked to eliminate leverage, which greatly increases landing ratios and reduces damage caused to the bait during the fight. Perfect for fishing in open water and around high percentage targets, the Optimum Boom Boom Line-Thru Swimbait is covered in lifelike details such as, pectoral fins, anal fins, 3D eyes, gills, and textured scales that provide an additional level of realism to fool even the wariest of bass. Available in a selection of custom hand-poured colors, the Optimum Boom Boom Line-Thru Swimbait is sure to help you put bigger fish in the boat.

“As a touring Pro angler, I know the importance of a ‘one big bite.’ Why not use a bait that can produce several big bites a day? Our goal here at Optimum Baits is to create the ultimate tournament-approved swimbait that works from Coast-to-Coast.” — BASS Elite Series Angler, Fred Roumbanis

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