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The Bass Hole



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Please Note: Colors may vary slightly, since all baits are hand-poured.

Developed and tested by BASS Elite Series Angler, Fred “Boom Boom” Roumbanis, the Optimum Boom Boom Rigged Swimbait delivers a signature action that is aimed at large, tournament-winning bass. Based on a previously discontinued swimbait, the Optimum Boom Boom Rigged Swimbait delivers a quivering head action, tight body roll, and thumping tail kick, all of which contributes to its one-of-a-kind “panicked action.”

Pre-rigged with an internal harness, the Optimum Boom Boom Rigged Swimbait features heavy duty hardware, including meaty split rings and a high-quality treble hooks that is made to handle crushing strikes. Incredibly detailed throughout, the Optimum Boom Boom Rigged Swimbait features textured scaling, lifelike head design, and 3-D eyes. Offered in a number of detailed colors, the Optimum Boom Boom Rigged Swimbait offers tournament-grade performance and a finely tuned action that is sure to keep your livewell and your billfold full.

“As a touring Pro angler, I know the importance of a ‘one big bite.’ Why not use a bait that can produce several big bites a day? Our goal here at Optimum Baits is to create the ultimate tournament-approved swimbait that works from Coast-to-Coast.” — BASS Elite Series Angler, Fred Roumbanis

Optimum Length Weight
Boom Boom Rigged Swimbait 6" 2oz
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