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The Bass Hole



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Please Note: Colors may vary slightly, since all baits are hand-poured.

The brainchild of professional angler and early swimbait adopter, Fred Roumbanis, the Optimum Boom Boom 6” Weedless Swimbait is modeled after a discontinued swimbait that has cashed multiple big checks on the BASS Elite Series. Thoroughly researched and developed to replicate the tight vibration of a shad, the Optimum Boom Boom 6” Weedless Swimbait borrows elements of design from several of Optimum’s premium swimbaits and combines them into one trophy-catching package.

Fitted with pectoral and anal fins to help reduce rolling at high speeds, the Optimum Boom Boom 6” Weedless Swimbait utilizes the wide frame of the Bubba Shad, but in a slightly smaller, 6-inch design. Built with the original Optimum face, the Optimum Boom Boom 6” Weedless Swimbait features a ribbed boot tail that produces a mean tail kick and a wide, yet controlled body roll at various retrieves.

Designed to be fished slowly around cover with a weighted screw lock swimbait hook, the Optimum Boom Boom 6” Weedless Swimbait delivers a signature “panic action” which entices lurking fish into striking the bait. To put it simply, the Optimum Boom Boom 6” Weedless Swimbait is one killer chunk of plastic.

“As a touring pro angler, I know the importance of ‘one big bite.’ Why not use a bait that produces several big bites a day? our goal at Optimum Baits is to create the ultimate tournament-approved swimbait that works from coast-to-coast.” – Elite Series Angler Fred Roumbanis


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