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The Bass Hole



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P Line started out on the West Coast and was quickly adopted as the best co-polymer line on the market by a wide variety of anglers. Bass fishermen liked the natural green color for stained water or the crystal clear for the clear water lakes, and the abrasion resistance when fishing around structure is incredible. Saltwater anglers soon learned about the great knot strength and low stretch of P Line and fell in love with the immense strength of all the line classes. Trout anglers noted the strength per line diameter and realized they could step down in line diameters and still have incredibly strong line. When a big trout got them around a stick or a rock they knew the line would hold and the fish would be landed. This is the co-polymer line that can do it all from dropshotting and finesse fishing to flipping heavy jigs in thick cover to dragging spider jigs on deep structure. Try a small spool to fill a couple of reels if you haven't tried it already or buy the economical 600 or 3000 yard spools if you already know how good P Line really is.

Diameter Inches Millimeter
6lb .0092 .23
8lb .012 .30
10lb .014 .35
12lb .0148 .37
15lb .016 .40
17lb .0165 .41
20lb .018 .45
25lb .020 .50
30lb .022 .56
40b .024 .62
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