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The Bass Hole



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The key to unlocking your next personal best, the PB Rat 3 Piece Wakebait is the ideal tool for chasing giants. It is a resin bait with a sleek contour body and a head and bill designed for searching for big bites and trophy-caliber bass. The 3-Piece design delivers a seductive slithering action on the water that calls bucketmouth bass in from a long way off and offers a bigger profile than the smaller 2-piece model for a more robust presentation. Outfitted with premium heavy-duty hardware, the PB Rat comes equipped with super stout Owner Split Rings, a 1/0 Owner ST-36 treble up front, and a #1 in the rear allowing you to set the hook with unwavering confidence.

In addition to the premium-quality hardware, the PB Rat 3 Piece Wakebait also features unique colorful swirl patterns integrated into the resin so anglers never have to worry about the finish scratching or flaking off. The beefed-up hardware connecting the joints not only promises infallible performance but also squeak and chirp for an acoustic layer of attraction as the bait tracks along the surface. Further increasing the bait’s longevity is the CPD twist-lock incorporated at the base allowing the quick change or replacement of soft plastic tails. Hand made in the USA, unleash the boisterous PB Rat 3 Piece Wakebait on your next trip to the water and find that big bite you’ve been dreaming of.

PB Rat Body Length Total Length Weight
3-Piece 7" 13" 2.5oz
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