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The Bass Hole



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Perfect for fishing around shallow cover, undercut banks, and docks where rodents like to congregate, the PB Rat Mouse 4 Piece Wakebait will help you get that big bite you’ve been chasing. Offering a large profile in the water, the PB Rat Mouse 4 Piece Wakebait features a multi-joint design along with an oversized bill, which produces a subtle slithering action and wake that entices bucketmouth bass to bite. The soft plastic tail also adds to its natural appeal and is attached by an innovative spring keeper system so anglers can quickly change out the tail when needed.

To back up its swimming performance, the PB Rat Mouse 4 Piece Wakebait features beefed-up hardware with Swimbait Underground treble hooks and split rings that are precisely tuned for hooking and landing trophy caliber bass on big baits. Made from an innovative resin that imbeds the colors into the material so you never have to worry about paint chipping or fading, the PB Rat Mouse 4 Piece Wakebait is deadly on big bass that prey on mice and rats.

PB Rat Body Length Total Length Weight Class
Mouse 4 Piece Wakebait 6" 9.5" 1.85oz Floating
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