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The Bass Hole



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Offering a fresh new look, the Scum Frog Trophy Series Painted Frog delivers the same proven performance as the original Trophy Series but now available in highly realistic colors that were meticulously designed by award-winning, internationally renowned lure artist Andrew Gardner. Using a proprietary manufacturing process, each Scum Frog Trophy Series Painted Frog features a digitally patterned color on the outside, making them extremely durable with a finish that won’t wear off after multiple aggressive fish catches.

Ideal for working the edges of vegetation, the Scum Frog Trophy Series Painted Frog is designed to ride low and push a lot of water for more surface disturbance to trigger aggressive blow ups. Thanks to its ultra soft plastic it also walks the dog with ease and instantly collapses to provide an excellent hook up ratio. On the rear, it is equipped with a patented keel hole that allows the frog to self-drain at the beginning of every cast to ensure a proper presentation. Armed with an Owner hook that delivers lightning fast hook sets, the Scum Frog Trophy Series Painted Frog gives frog fishing a new level of detail.

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