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Designed to increase the quantity and quality of the bites on your swimbait journeys, the Swimbait Republic Glideway 176 Glide Bait is an authentic tank slayer built to perform effectively at any speed or type of retrieve. A true freestyler in terms of swim performance, the Glideway 176 is perfectly balanced to adopt a natural position on the pause and excel with fast, steady, and slow cadences that include twitching, side walking, or heavy sweeping rod action.

From the surface all the way down to 10-12ft in the water column, this slow-floating glide bait offers a variable rate of fall that’s easily adjusted using the included lead stickers and lure cavities positioned at the belly. While the weights on the Glideway are precision placed for accuracy, the buoyancy also varies based on the water temperature. Load the front cavity to create suspending action or fill both cavities with lead stickers to turn it into a slow sinking glide bait and compensate for heavy wind and weather elements.

Including a replaceable soft silicone tail that allows anglers to customize their presentation with a pop of color, for the best performance, always tie directly to the solid ring and do not apply any additional snaps or rings to the line tie. Armed with razor-sharp BKK 6066 treble hooks, the Swimbait Republic Glideway 176 Glide Bait is garage-designed and tested worldwide with incredible results for triggering big bites using its highly realistic slow-moving swim action.

Swimbait Republic Length Weight Class
Glideway 176 7" 2.8oz Slow-Floating

Includes: (1) Silicone Replacement Tail (2) Lead Stickers (2) 3/0 Replacement BKK 6066 Treble Hooks (2) Split Rings

Recommended Gear
Line: 40lb braid to 20lb fluorocarbon leader
Reel: 300-size, gear ratio 6.0:1
Rod: Moderate Fast, 1-3oz


Repaint Info:

This is a Swimbait Republic Glideway painted by Scumline Kustoms.

Brand New in Box.

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