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The Bass Hole



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Built with a unique hybrid design that delivers the perfect combination of shape and action, the Toad Thumper Craw Gill features a wide profile that accurately mimics crawdads and small bluegill. Poured with a deeply ribbed body and claw-like appendages that produce dynamic swimming action, the Toad Thumper Craw Gill delivers tons of vibration and maximum water displacement that calls curious fish in from great distances. 

Designed with a custom hook keeper in the head for increased durability, the Craw Gill is made to withstand the abuse of numerous fish catches and is perfectly suited for pitching and flipping into heavy cover. Available in a range of proven color patterns to meet the need for any situation, the Toad Thumper Craw Gill is a versatile tool for targeting large predators sheltering in cover with beveled claws that kick energetically and also make it an amazing jig trailer.

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