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The Bass Hole



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Designed by Western "punching" guru, Bub Tosh, the Yamamoto PsychoDad is a small punch craw with the versatility to do everything else. It features huge round claws that act like swimbait tails and actually "paddle" when you swim the bait. It’s also the only craw with a built-in rattle chamber that’s big enough to hold a 7mm rattle. The PsychoDad even has extra plastic on its "tail" which will help it hold up on the new style straight shank punch hook with the barb keeper. No more having your bait balled up at the hook bend.

Pair the PsychoDad with a big punch weight, a Johnny C's punch skirt, then put toss it in the nastiest mat you can find - and hold on! The PsychoDad is also great for Carolina-rigging, or as a jig trailer, and it even catches fish on a Shaky Head. You can also use it behind your Chatterbait for a different look. Whatever you need a soft plastic crawdad to do, the Yamamoto PyschoDad will get it done for you.

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