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The Bass Hole



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Since the original StutterStep was released at the 2016 ICAST, anglers have been asking for a smaller version of this revolutionary topwater bait. Bill Lewis is answering the call with the Bill Lewis Stutterstep 4.0. The smaller StutterStep 4.0 produces all the same great action as the original 5-inch model but has a little harder tail kick due to its compact size. Perfect for times when the baitfish are small or when there is increased fishing pressure and the fish want a more subtle presentation. 

Outfitted with premium Mustad Round Bend Treble Hooks and available in a range of classic bass catching colors, the Bill Lewis StutterStep 4.0 maybe the little brother of the family but it produces big results.


The “stutter-step” action allows for the angler to make the bait walk on 90-degree cuts instead of the standard 45-degree walks that traditional walking baits get. Instead of the lure coming right to the angler, this allows for the lure to be “stutter-stepped” back and forth right next to targeted cover prolonging its hang-time over the strike zone. 

The “wobble-wake” action is what happens when you reel a StutterStep over slick water, while using no rod action. It’s a slow-medium, buzz-bait style retrieve that leaves the ‘Step wobbling and waking across the surface.

The “wag-the-tail” action is a cover-water-fast type retrieve. While steady reeling the StutterStep, the angler puts soft-rhythmic twitches on the rod make the lure’s tail kick side to side while the whole lure body shifts back and forth.

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4.0 3-D Printed StutterStep 4" 5/8oz Topwater
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