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The Bass Hole



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Inspired by the sight of fleeing dace from a flock of monster bass at the storied Ikehara Dam in Japan, the Deps Highsider 172 Swimbait is an innovative big bait that faithfully mimics the profile, tail swing, and movement of baitfish. Featuring an upgraded 4-piece ABS resin hollow body, the second generation Highsider has a slightly different joint angle, weight balance, and body shape with the unique ability to adjust the first joint to fine-tune its flexible action.

Equipped with a detachable polycarbonate lip easily removed by pushing the release lever forward, the Deps Highsider 172 reliably dives underwater to create sharp action while providing excellent impact resistance and obstacle avoidance performance. When the lip is removed the Highsider functions more like a wakebait, as the responsive action of the body stirs up water to create a trailing wave on the surface reminiscent of baitfish that are driven to the surface and quickly escape.

The ultra-thin elastomer tail adds a glamourous element that greatly increases the sense of life by restricting the amplitude motion of the tail and encouraging enticing undulating movement from the mid-body section. Providing versatility for crank-down or surface presentations, the Deps Highsider 172 Swimbait is backed by two razor-sharp treble hooks that use a reduced size to reduce tail swing and ensure your success with large predators.

Deps Length Weight Depth Class
Highsider 172 Swimbait 6.75" 2.6oz 5ft Floating

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