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The Bass Hole



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Crafted from an ABS hollow-core body and soft-shelled exterior the Deps Silent Killer Swimbait earns its name with a design that suppresses all of the unnatural noise created from the joints during the retrieve. Featuring a smooth and natural gliding action, the Silent Killer is a floating glidebait with a wide coffin-shaped lip so it can dive like a crankbait and deflect off cover to avoid snags. A unique water through duct between the core body and soft shell helps create its natural swimming action by capturing water flow at the nose and discharging it at the joint.

When using a subsurface retrieve, the Silent Killer generates a powerful vibration that becomes highly effective in rough water conditions when it’s difficult to attract fish to the surface. Alternatively, the Silent Killer can also be twitched or retrieved slowly along the surface to create the appearance of a large baitfish struggling on top. If the fish aren’t reacting to either retrieve, dead sticking this swimbait is a great way to use its extremely realistic and lifelike features to fool big bass.

An internal spring weight system emits a faint knocking acoustic with faster retrieves and provides a subtle vibration when paused to perfectly mimic a real baitfish. Troubleless bumper fins control the movement of the hooks during the retrieve, improve your hook-up ratio, and prevent the hooks from getting tangled on the body of the bait. Armed with sticky sharp treble hooks selected to match the belly of the bait, the Deps Silent Killer Swimbait delivers quality hook penetration and is made for targeting a fish of a lifetime.

Deps  Length Weight
Silent Killer 115 4-1/2"  2/3-oz
Silent Killer 145  5-3/4"  1.5oz
Silent Killer 175  7"  2.5oz

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