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The Bass Hole



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An innovative topwater bait that blends the action of a plopper and buzzbait, the G-Ratt Baits Proper Buzz is designed to create a tremendous amount of noise and surface disturbance with every turn of the reel handle. Built around a hard plastic body and heavy gauge wire-through connection extending from the nose, a large two-inch aluminum blade churns up water vigorously at the front while the smaller plopper-style tail creates a unique high-pitched acoustic.

On a slow retrieve the Proper Buzz will sound and operate much like a traditional buzzbait, but when anglers increase their retrieve speed the rear prop engages to emit a unique dual sound that aggressive fish will absolutely crush just to make it stop. Armed with two razor-sharp 3x strong treble hooks to ensure solid hook-ups, the G-Ratt Baits Propper Buzz has a twisted wire enclosed line tie so the knot will never slip under heavy loads.

Full Length Body Length Weight
7" 4" 1oz
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