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Imakatsu Gillroid Baby

The bite-sized version of its older brother, the Imakatsu Baby Gillroid Swimbait is here and packed with features that will outperform expectations. The Imakatsu Baby Gillroid Swimbait was designed to be a multi-purpose fishing tool, functioning as a magnum crankbait or a slow floating glidebait.

The Imakatsu Baby Gillroid Swimbait includes a removable bill, if installed, causes the swimbait to dive 2-3 feet and deflect off of cover.  If the bill is removed, the Imakatsu Baby Gillroid Glide Bait performs like a floating glidebait, gently waking underneath the surface of the water.  You can also attach a small weight to the eyelet underneath the chin, which allows the Imakatsu Baby Gillroid Glide Bait to be turned into a slow sinking glide bait rather than a floater.

The Imakastu Baby Gillroid includes two different types of tail attachments, the boot tail and the flat tail.  The boot tail was designed to create vortex-like water displacement behind the swimbait as it is swimming.  If the boot tail is equipped while the lure is used as a floating glidebait, if worked slow enough, it can give the lure characteristics of a topwater wakebait, creating v-shaped water displacement on the water’s surface.  The flat tail attachment will allow for smooth, low profile gliding motion of the Imakatsu Baby Gillroid.

Outfitted in a variety of Imakatsu custom colorways, sticky sharp treble hooks, realistic fins and life-like molded gill plates, the Imakatsu Baby Gillroid is a must-have addition to any JDM swimbait enthusiast’s toolbox.


Length: 120mm (Boot Tail),  105mm (Flat Tail)

Weight: 1.2 oz

Type: Slow Floating

Lip: Removeable (with lip = crankbait, without lip = swimbait)

Imakatsu Length  Weight
 Baby Gillroid 4-3/4"  1.25oz 
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