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The Bass Hole



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Delivering undeniable realism that has made the Megabass Sleeper series a staple in many anglers’ arsenals, the Megabass Sleeper Craw is a revolutionary crawfish imitator that catches fish like no other craw bait on the market. Constructed with a concealed weight system, it reduces the chances of snagging and can move over structure and skip under docks much more efficiently than a Texas-rig. Molded from a buoyant, highly durable material with a custom scent, the Sleeper Craw sits with its claws up in a defensive posture and produces subtle lifelike movements that perfectly mimics a live crawfish.

Pushing its realistic appearance a step further, the Sleeper Craw features a razor-sharp jig hook concealed within a hollow cavity in the body that provides natural bite-feel, improved snag-avoidance, and ample clearance when compressed for great hook setting performance. The hidden weight design also eliminates the unnatural sounds of lead or tungsten weights making contact and clicking against rocks or structure. Offered in a huge selection of colors, the Megabass Sleeper Craw is a ultimate craw bait for crawling along the bottom and triggering big fish to bite.

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