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Designed with a critical modification, the Pro Point Undercrunch Minnow takes the fish-catching prowess of the original Crunch Minnow a step further. Molded with a flexible arm underneath the belly, the Pro Point Undercrunch Minnow features a premium swivel and a super-bright willow leaf blade that calls bass from a distance with an enticing flicker.

Internally, the Pro Point Undercrunch Minnow is built with a lead core, which extends casting distance and helps stabilize the action at any speed. Additionally, the inner core is painted to give it a unique reflective hue that blends into the profile of the bait. Backed by a razor-sharp 3/0 Daiichi hook, the Pro Point Undercrunch Minnow provides a brilliant modification that can mean the difference between cashing a check and going home empty-handed. 

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